How did I become a Witch?

As a child my connection to nature, dreams, and the supernatural was profound. I would take forest walks with my father. We looked for fairies, clovers, and bushes to pick wild blueberries from. He taught me how to climb the rocks and where to hold for stability. One of the most influential aspects on my future was creating play potions. My mother and I would make “potions” fixing salad dressings, or mixing shampoos. These potions were a foreshadow into a future creating cocktails and elixirs.

When my mother sent me outside to play in the backyard, my instincts would set in and I would naturally find things to eat. I remember finding onion grass, raspberries, and rhubarb. Rhubarb was one of my favorite plants to chew on in the garden. It had a long red stalk with a giant leaf. The memory still brings its sour taste. Somehow I never tried to eat the leaf which I later learned was toxic and could make me sick. These were firsts for foraging, creating, and instinct. Later I would study many more plants under a professional. ⁣

Religion in school never fully satisfied my beliefs. Over my adolescent and teenage years I looked for more. I collected books on gods, Greek mythology, cultural histories, ancient civilizations, psychology, planets, plants and animals. I was fascinated by books on astral projections, and past life regression. Matters of spirit seized my attention.

Before I was even a teenager my father moved into a house we considered haunted. My first encounters with ghosts or entities. The stories and memories I retain from this time are purrfect for campfire tales. These very real stories and experiences with spirits had an affect on me. They convinced me of an afterlife.

Death came to visit far too early, teaching me a life lesson. My father died from cancer, but before he passed away I asked him to make me a promise. Promise me if there was an afterlife he would find a way to tell me. He promised. He kept his promise.

I bought a deck of Tarot intending to communicate with the other side. Teaching myself Tarot was a healing tool to feel guided, or connected with his spirit. Tarot became a channel for guidances I felt deeply connected to. I would receive tarot readings from others whom I considered professionals while I was learning. Once I met a woman named, Raven. She wasn’t like the other tarot readers, she knew things she couldn’t possibly have known. Raven brought up my father, and communicated the things my father wanted me to know. The experience shocked me to the point of tears. My first communications with Spirit.

In my 20’s I took all of the childhood potion experience and I became a bartender. I mixed creative cocktails, the modern day acceptable potions. These modern potions didn’t scare modern men as much as they should have. I witnessed people possessed by the spirits I sold to them. They would become intoxicated beyond ability for their souls to inhabit the body. During these years I was asleep. The spirit of alcohol had possessed me, just the same as any of my bar guests. This was a time in my life I was so focused on working, that I did not know myself. If anything, I chose working, being busy, and drinking to numb myself from traumas. This was also the time when I met amazing people who helped gently wake me up, and help me find the right direction for my soul again. Some of the people I met in this lifestyle were the ones who encouraged me to travel. So I went to Costa Rica to change my life.

In Costa Rica I ended up working with a well known Witch, Sarah Wu, who interviewed me with a Tarot reading. She was a visionary: inspiring, creative and powerful! I would spend almost a year living in the jungle of Costa Rica, on her permaculture farm and educational retreat center. In this unique community I learned the nature of the jungle, permaculture, yoga, meditation, herbalism, magic and much more. This time was my introduction to plant medicines. The people I worked with there were the first I had ever met in the world to ever openly admit they were witches, herbalists, or coven. Growing up these were words I read in books through stories of condemnation over the subject. In Massachusetts, where I am from, witches were burned, hung, drowned, crushed by stone, or tortured to death in various ways over these words. Salem, Massachusetts was the burial ground of many accused of being witches. The jungle of Costs Rica, on a farm named Punta Mona, was just the beginning of my spiritual journey into finding myself, healing myself, and learning to heal others spiritually, as well as physically. ⁣

“Coming out of the broom closet,” as Sarah, would say. It was safe to say it in this age.

I am a Witch.
I am a Tarot Card Reader.
I am a Hands on Healer.

I am a person who sits in long, strenuous ceremonies to receive visions or messages that I can bring back, and share with the people I love. I cast intentions and manifest, this is the basis of spell work.

I am a Fighter, and have been in many lives, in many forms.

The desire to be of service to my community blossomed after having that soul journey. Never again would I work doing something I wasn’t passionate about. Having traveled the world reading Tarot, learning Massage or body work, and fighting Muay Thai, I know what I love to share now.

I know who I am. I want to share who I am, and how I can benefit.

I’m set on fire inside when benefiting others with guidance, or a reading that resonates. I love helping people interpret the hand of cards life deals them. It’s fulfilling to empower others and help them understand a tool of divination they can connect with to help better facilitate their future. We deserve to take space, and have space held in intimate tarot readings. We deserve clarity, direction, and guidance to heal ourselves. We deserve deep connection with Self, Source, and Ancestors.⁣

This is only part of my story.

Let me read yours with the Tarot!

2 thoughts on “How did I become a Witch?

  1. Lulu

    After reading your story I felt lots of similarities and comfortable letting you read my story. You did not disappoint. 😊 Everything you read in my reading was right on point and gave me some much needed food for thought in figuring out my current path. I suggest anyone else looking for some guidance to let Christina read your cards as well. Thank you again! 💛✨🙌🏼

  2. Javier (@tridexdj)

    Been following you since I started training Muay Thai at home with videos and MTG lessons and what a surprise! I’ve found a lovely practicioner like me, you’re a witch!
    I have a similar story in the OCCULT. Been doing this since 15 but actually never charge for a reading, I just help others when I feel I have to. Great to meet other likeminded! Like your stories a lot, i’ll stop in your website more often.
    I’ d love to read the tarot for you someday.

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